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In the beginning…

So, I finally have a blog! I guess now Russell has to acknowledge my existence. One of the primary reasons that I previously didn’t have a blog was the nature of my job at Yahoo!. I didn’t want people *mistakenly* attaching importance to my words, and then have the one-woman Corporate Communications gestapo (you know who you are…and you are gonna kill me if you ever read this) come give me a firm talking to. However, that problem is now (mostly) mitigated by the great granular access controls on 360. But,  I am not nearly deluded enough to think that the dissemination of anything I say in print (or otherwise) can be controled. So I will still reserve my ramblings to reasonably uncontroversial things.

So, what I was trying to say there is that one of my biggest problems with blogging has been solved, but only partially. The other main reason (and probably the only real one) that I didn’t blog before was my lack of leaisure time. While that hasn’t really changed much, I see 360 and this blog as potentially serving a need that is worth cutting into my already thin supply of sleep. I have many people I care about scattered around the globe, and I am *notoriously* bad at keeping in touch. Anybody who knows me well knows that this isn’t personal, I do it to everybody. But, I’m hoping 360 will change that (to some extent). Those of you who detest mass email updates, because they are impersonal, won’t be happy, because this is likely worse. But, it is better than nothing, which is basically what I was doing before.

So, stay tuned for updates, ramblings, and photos. And, please use the comments section or email me or start your own blog, so that I can find out what’s up with all of you.


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