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These are my Delicious links for October 16th:

  • Master of 500 Hats: Fear is the Mind Killer of the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur (we must be Muad’Dib, not Clark Kent) – “Silicon Valley has never been without risk or fear. in fact, quite the opposite — Silicon Valley is rife with fear & paranoia. and yet GOOD entrepreneurs somehow manage to overcome their fear, somehow make their hopes & dreams bigger than their fear, somehow manage to find imaginative solutions to problems whilst being backed into a corner by a guy with a .44 Magnum who outweighs them by 75 lbs, and nothing in his pockets but a butter knife and a paper clip. it doesn’t matter. and so i leave you with this: the true Silicon Valley entrepreneur will find a way around these obstacles; the true Silicon Valley entrepreneur is not frightened by a “down market”; they are not daunted by VCs who now have massive leverage; and they are not going to back down; the true Silicon Valley entrepreneur is full of optimism, and sees the world as his or her oyster. you are MacGyver. you are Jeanne d’Arc. you are Luke Skywalker. you are Paul FUCKING Atreides, and the SPICE must FLOW, motherfucker.”

Delicious Bookmarks for October 4th

These are my Delicious links for October 4th:

  • Daily Kos: State of the Nation – Hilarious ‘Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart’. I am seriously scared for this country.
  • How did Palin and Biden do? “Joe Six-Pack” and a “hockey mom” – My friend Matt was picked to be the “Average Joe” political commentator for The NY Daily News coverage of the VP debate. They describe him as “a salesman in the construction industry living in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and he drank more than one six-pack during the debate.” I legitimately found his commentary to be some of the most cogent I’ve heard coming from the news media thus far.

Delicious Bookmarks for September 29th

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  • The Great Schlep – Hilarious video featuring Sarah Silverman to get Jewish grandkids to try to convince their grandparents in Florida to vote for Obama. Unfortunately, she’s never met my grandma…

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Delicious Bookmarks for September 4th through September 10th

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Delicious Bookmarks for August 28th through September 2nd

These are my Delicious links for August 28th through September 2nd:

  • THINK / Musings :: v2 – v2 includes a bookmarklet that produces an overlay window with information about how the link has been shared by others.
  • Twitter / Rob Marquardt: Just in from McCain: .. / …. – Retweeting and favoriting this one on Twitter really just wasn't enough. One of the best tweets of all time — I mean, it's a multi-layered joke that requires a morse code translator! Brilliant!
  • Wedding Website – Carrie & Damon – My best friend's wedding (site).
  • Where Have You Gone, John? – I've heard a lot of people say that they haven't seen enough of Barack Obama to really know where he stands, but McCain has a proven track record. I wish those people would actually take a look at that track record and compare it to McCain's actions in this campaign. Anyone who could suffer probably the most vicious attack the Rovians ever doled out (S. Carolina '00) and then turn around and adopt those tactics is clearly not a man of principle. Maybe he was once, but this campaign has shown John McCain will do whatever he thinks it takes to become president, even if that means turning his back on his own principles. I found this article to be an unbiased analysis of McCain's transformation by someone who was actually there then and now.
  • BackType, A Twitter For Comments – BackType aggregates all comments from millions of blogs into a single, searchable, parsable stream that can be searched by term or commenter.

Delicious Bookmarks for August 25th through August 27th

These are my Delicious links for August 25th through August 27th:

  • PushPopURL – The PushPopURL service is quite simple. You push the URL to the service of a website you want to come back to later. Later you can either POP the next URL from the service and go to the next stored website or you can view your list of websites on the service and send them to other more sophisticated services for archiving or sharing. Think of PushPopURL as your open browser tabs in the cloud that you can use from anywhere.
  • If You Want To Create a Mashup, Just Ask Your Browser. Mozilla Labs Launches Ubiquity. – Mozilla Labs new Ubiquity plug-in for Firefox enables you to use text-based commands to run custom scripts, many based on 3rd-party web services, within your current browser window. Sample use-cases are insert a map into an email or look-up a word on a web page.
  • Inside AdSense: Ad serving for everyone – Launch of Google Ad Manager, a hosted ad serving and management solution for publishers with smaller direct sales teams. Ad Manager can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure both directly-sold and network-based inventory.
  • Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Make your 404 pages more useful – A javascript widget from Google that will auto-generate more helpful suggested links on your site's 404 pages.
  • WordPress: The Social Network – BuddyPress, an open-source social networking plug-in for WordPress, has become an official WordPress project.

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