Delicious Bookmarks for August 28th through September 2nd

These are my Delicious links for August 28th through September 2nd:

  • THINK / Musings :: v2 – v2 includes a bookmarklet that produces an overlay window with information about how the link has been shared by others.
  • Twitter / Rob Marquardt: Just in from McCain: .. / …. – Retweeting and favoriting this one on Twitter really just wasn't enough. One of the best tweets of all time — I mean, it's a multi-layered joke that requires a morse code translator! Brilliant!
  • Wedding Website – Carrie & Damon – My best friend's wedding (site).
  • Where Have You Gone, John? – I've heard a lot of people say that they haven't seen enough of Barack Obama to really know where he stands, but McCain has a proven track record. I wish those people would actually take a look at that track record and compare it to McCain's actions in this campaign. Anyone who could suffer probably the most vicious attack the Rovians ever doled out (S. Carolina '00) and then turn around and adopt those tactics is clearly not a man of principle. Maybe he was once, but this campaign has shown John McCain will do whatever he thinks it takes to become president, even if that means turning his back on his own principles. I found this article to be an unbiased analysis of McCain's transformation by someone who was actually there then and now.
  • BackType, A Twitter For Comments – BackType aggregates all comments from millions of blogs into a single, searchable, parsable stream that can be searched by term or commenter.

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