Delicious Bookmarks for October 16th

These are my Delicious links for October 16th:

  • Master of 500 Hats: Fear is the Mind Killer of the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur (we must be Muad’Dib, not Clark Kent) – “Silicon Valley has never been without risk or fear. in fact, quite the opposite — Silicon Valley is rife with fear & paranoia. and yet GOOD entrepreneurs somehow manage to overcome their fear, somehow make their hopes & dreams bigger than their fear, somehow manage to find imaginative solutions to problems whilst being backed into a corner by a guy with a .44 Magnum who outweighs them by 75 lbs, and nothing in his pockets but a butter knife and a paper clip. it doesn’t matter. and so i leave you with this: the true Silicon Valley entrepreneur will find a way around these obstacles; the true Silicon Valley entrepreneur is not frightened by a “down market”; they are not daunted by VCs who now have massive leverage; and they are not going to back down; the true Silicon Valley entrepreneur is full of optimism, and sees the world as his or her oyster. you are MacGyver. you are Jeanne d’Arc. you are Luke Skywalker. you are Paul FUCKING Atreides, and the SPICE must FLOW, motherfucker.”

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