Delicious Bookmarks for November 14th through November 19th

These are my Delicious links for November 14th through November 19th:

  • RCA Secret 2008 – Really cool concept for an art sale: 2,700 postcards done by different artists of all levels of fame, signed on the back, and sold anonymously at the same price (£40). It's like a grab-bag of fine art šŸ™‚
  • A Marriage Manifesto… Of Sorts | RD Blog: The Devil’s Advocate | ReligionDispatches – An interesting form of personal protest against bans on gay marriage: don't recognize *any* marriages. Elegant and potentially very effective on a personal level.
  • – Free Icons and Graphics – Pretty solid quality icon and graphics free to use anywhere as long as you provide proper attribution (you can also purchase commercial licenses that don't require attribution). Not sure how these guys are making any money, but I'll take their stuff šŸ™‚
  • Google Analytics Blog: Want to track Adobe Flash? Now you can! – Google Analytics is now available for Flash-based content through an AS3 translation of the JavaScript tracking code. The AS3 code has also been open-sourced.
  • Tryit Editor v1.4 – A handy in browser editor for basic CSS to help dummies like me figure stuff out.
  • Eater SF: Eater Map: Your Guide to San Francisco’s Douchiest Bars – Pretty self-explanatory title. I am sad to say that I've been to all of these places at least once (and only a couple more than that), and I fully agree with the assessments of douchebaggery. I'm more than a little relieved that none of my regular spots made the list…phew!

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