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It’s a way small world after all! – jstrauss

It’s a way small world after all!

This struck me as so weirdly incestuous/small-worldly I had to post it. I just came upon a song featuring vocals by Sandra Possing, who happened to be the bartender at Delaney’s when I first met with Todd to discuss what is now awe.sm (she even tweeted about it!). Not only that, but I found the track through friend and former co-worker Lucas Gonze, and it’s being hosted on a site built by another former co-worker, Ethan Diamond.

The social media singularity is officially upon us people! Enjoy the music:
<a href="http://gavroche.bandcamp.com/track/hopefully-ile-st-louis">Hopefully, Ile St. Louis by Gavroche</a>

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