My Cousin Nathaniel :-D

So, this is too cool!!!  My younger cousin (he is now 11, I think…Nathaniel, don’t kill me if I got this wrong…there are a lot of you to keep track of), the one in the white shirt on the left in this picture from Thanksgiving 2 years ago (he’s bigger now, but still can’t beat me up), has launched his own website,, using Y! Domains, and featuring AdSense (*don’t get me started*).

So, the website is too funny on a lot of levels…it has revealed to me a whole ascii underground that I thought (read, hoped) was long dead. Nathaniel has an excuse (he is 11, and his parents are mild technophobes, so he has been discovering the web on his own with a pretty crappy computer), and this guy actually did something pretty cool with ascii…but to the rest of you, get Photoshop! (Good thing this isn’t a public blog, lest I invite an ascii flame-war).

Anyway, I got Nathaniel to sign-up for Y! Messenger, and now 360, so I am doing my part for the stock. Now we can chat much more frequently, and I am getting a real kick out of watching him discover technology and become so engaged with the web. What’s really interesting to me is the fact that he has every videogame system under the sun, but is still spending time exploring the global community (albeit of freaks who love ascii) that the internet has created.

Keep up the good work buddy, I’m proud of you. And all you UED guys at Y!, watch your back, cuz this kid is coming for your job!


P.S. Not to let Nathaniel steal the whole show, there is also a 9 year-old in this picture who speaks fluent Chinese (and thinks all white people look alike, but that’s another story). There may be something to be said for this whole genetics thing, but that probably would mean I’m adopted. Either way, I’m proud of all of my cousins…just especially of Nathaniel today.

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