Odds & Ends for 2006-12-11

  • In the words of our Engineering Manager, “hey so now that you’re famous, can you put the job description up on your blog?” I actually did post these job descriptions before, but I didn’t quite have the same readership way back then (i.e. before last Wednesday). So, here it goes again: the Yahoo! Widgets team is looking for client developers with Win32, C/C++ and Carbon/Cocoa experience. If you know anyone who is interested, please have them apply via the links below or email bmayes -at- yahoo-inc.com 
  • Another member of our team, Brady Wood in Product Marketing, deserves special credit this week for simultaneously spearheading browser marketing efforts at both Yahoo! and Google. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and Brady’s trying not to let it go to his head too much.
  • And finally, a little known irony that was overlooked in last week’s feeding frenzy and of which I was just reminded today: I’m still the face of Yahoo! Investor Relations. ROTFL!!! That’s been up there for ~2 years now, and I had totally forgotten about it — I wonder if now they’ll take it down or leave it up longer?

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