Everything Must Go! – The Great Strauss Virtual Garage Sale

I moved to Palo Alto on June 13, 2004 — my 24th birthday and the day before I started at Yahoo!. I’ve been living in San Francisco since June 2005, first in Russian Hill with Damon and Eugene and on my own in the Marina since June 2006. And, now I’m moving back to LA (more on that later).

It took me 2.5 years of living on a mattress on the floor before I actually got any furniture up here. And now, I’m selling it all on Craigslist:

It’s interesting to see the bulk of one’s material possessions all listed like that (and, yes, the bulk of my material possessions come from IKEA). I look forward to owning a lot less crap very soon.

And if you’re in San Francisco, come kiss my ass goodbye on December 6! 😉

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