Going to Argentina, ISO cool travel ideas

My friend Sylvia booked a trip to Buenos Aires April 1-10, and invited me to come along. As the unemployed guy, it’s pretty hard to say no. I haven’t booked my tickets yet mostly because it’s pretty pricey and (as Russ was just pointing out) a bit of a schlep.

This would be my first trip to South America, and I guess I kinda wanna do something a little more adventurous than just hang around Buenos Aires and environs for a week and a half — not that it doesn’t sound fun. I just feel this is a potentially unique opportunity to do something really fucking cool.

So, if you have any ideas or wanna meet up down there, drop me a line at jonathan[at]jonathanhstrauss[dot]com. I’m gonna hold off on buying my tickets for a couple more days to see if we can come up with some reasons to extend the trip.

4 thoughts on “Going to Argentina, ISO cool travel ideas”

  1. eiiiee peeps give us some ideas now that strauss is in the house!!!

    iguazu, yes.
    patagonias, yes if there’s time.
    BA, yes.
    uruguay beaches, yes.
    any place that serves delicious beef, yes.

    strauss you should go to chile afterwards and/or brazil.

  2. Hi jonathan ! I feel terrible that I couldn’t reach you these weekend to join shabat dinner with us ,
    I didn’t have a computer to e-mail you or a phone to call you to the mantra hotel earlier

    so I apologize and I want to meet you again so We can experiance shabbat
    together or another holyday .

    Anyway Have a beautifull stay in Punta del Este and in South America and have a happy Passover you and your family.

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