Going to Argentina, ISO cool travel ideas

My friend Sylvia booked a trip to Buenos Aires April 1-10, and invited me to come along. As the unemployed guy, it’s pretty hard to say no. I haven’t booked my tickets yet mostly because it’s pretty pricey and (as Russ was just pointing out) a bit of a schlep.

This would be my first trip to South America, and I guess I kinda wanna do something a little more adventurous than just hang around Buenos Aires and environs for a week and a half — not that it doesn’t sound fun. I just feel this is a potentially unique opportunity to do something really fucking cool.

So, if you have any ideas or wanna meet up down there, drop me a line at jonathan[at]jonathanhstrauss[dot]com. I’m gonna hold off on buying my tickets for a couple more days to see if we can come up with some reasons to extend the trip.