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Delicious Bookmarks for July 6th – jstrauss

Delicious Bookmarks for July 6th

These are my Delicious links for July 6th:

  • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport | Wired.com Product Reviews – Great review of the new $2.1M Bugatti convertible: "The acceleration is so immediate you can feel your eyeballs deform under the G-forces. It's a sensation of isolationist joy, an out-of-body awareness that you're moving faster than the world can react. Bystanders vaguely remember seeing a flash of expensive paint a few seconds after you disappear over the horizon; entire generations of insects die on your prow. Passing other motorists becomes a dangerous entitlement that has you resenting oncoming traffic for hogging your "VIP lane" — especially when you realize that you can outrun not only the 5-0's cruisers, but their helicopters, too. If they wanna catch you, they're gonna have to dust off Airwolf and drag Jan Michael Vincent out of rehab."

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