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edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros – jstrauss

Mas Edward Sharpe

First of all, my life does not suck. Last night I was hanging at TechStars (and having my company mistaken for one of theirs 😉 ), this afternoon I was having lunch with the Gnip team in beautiful Boulder, and tonight I was filming a concert by one of my favorite new bands.

I’ve now seen Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 5 times in the month since Ty and I first saw them at La Cita. And thanks to Dave at LittleRadio, I was invited to be part of the crew that filmed their three show residency at the Regent which ended tonight. That footage is in the capable hands of the Artificial Army crew, but here’s some stuff I shot at last week’s show with my G7. I’m primarily putting this up for Ryan, who has been at every one of the 5 shows I’ve attended 🙂

Edward Sharpe Rawks My F*%$ing Socks!

My new favorite live band hands-down is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I saw them twice in 5 days and would go see them again tonight (and tomorrow night, and the night after that) if I could. They’re apparently starting a ‘residency’ at the Regent Theater in downtown LA on April 30, and I’ve already asked Dave at LittleRadio if my cousin Ben and I can shoot a proper concert video one of the nights.

In the meantime, here’s some footage I shot of their show at The Echo on Monday night (YouTube HD doesn’t quite do the 1080p footage from Kelly’s Canon 5D Mark II, aka my dream camera, justice):

And here are the photos:

Kelly (and her camera) had to leave a couple of songs into the Edward Sharpe set (I had told her they went on at 10pm and they didn’t end up starting until 12:30am). So, what you see here is just them getting started — to give you a sense of where it ended up, Alex, the lead singer (formerly of IMA Robot), spent a good deal of the show shirtless in the audience. I’m actually kinda glad I didn’t have the option of documenting the rest of their set, because I got to go crazy with the rest of the crowd instead. But I’d gladly give up a night of rocking out in order to have the opportunity to properly document this incredible spectacle. Dave, call me! 😉

P.S. I first discovered Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros through the most excellent NPR All Songs Considered Live Concerts podcast (originally via Ian, of course).

Update: Here’s some video of the opener, Fool’s Gold:

I have 1 more Edward Sharpe video, but it’s just barely over YouTube’s 1GB upload cap. So, I guess I’m gonna keep it to myself for now.

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